What is best way to clean dirty ports?

Dust/dirt gets into the charging and jack ports and eventually disrupts the contacts for charging. What is the safest way to clean these? I heard there is a special vacuum for this, and other suggestions are to use a small brush which doesn't really get all of the dirt. Suggestions please?

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The headphone jack is cleanable easy enough with a q-tip with most of the cotten pulled off so it can fit in the port. You should use 95% and above alcohol as the cleaning agent.

The charge port is tricky to try to clean with a q-tip. So don't use a q-tip to clean that port. Pressurized air is the best way to clean this port.

Of course you want to do your maintenance while the phone is off less you cause damage.

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Dear sir

i m facing to my iPhone 6 plus charging ports.my mobile fall down in desert some dust go inside into the charging port.so now i want to plug my charge cable that is going inside.so please help me

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Use compressed air or use blow into it


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roll scotch tape into a cone shape. stick small end of cone in phone headphone or charging port. I get lots of lint out every few months.

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