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Output Audio Jack giving output in only one Earphone

I have an iPod Touch 2g and the 3.5mm audio output jack gives sound in only the right channel of earphones.

How could i fix this?

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Does this persist with other pairs of earphones?


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If another pair of headphones does not work, check and make sure the headphones are plugging in all the way. If not there may be something stuck in your headphone jack and you won't need to replace anything.

If neither of these work you will likely need to replace the headphone jack assembly, you can find the guide here:

iPod Touch 2nd Generation Power/Volume Controls Replacement

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It doesn't work with any other pair of headphones as well. I think there is nothing stuck in the jack and its an internal fault.

I think since the Jack is soldered to the main board, can there be a way to replace it without replacing the entire board.

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Look at the guide I attached above


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