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What to do about damaged bezels and screen fitting?


Everytime people ask me to repair their iPhone 5, I look at the bezel to see if there are any damages. I look for them because it is impossible to fit in a new screen, without damaging or cracking it, if the bezel is damaged.

The question is, how do you guys deal with bent bezels (iPhone 5/5s/5c)?

It is annoying when the screen cracks because of too much pressure and/or a damaged bezel.

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do you mean the frame or the plastic bezel that surrounds the screen?

For frame bends, invest in a gtool or find a local shop that will let you use theirs. The gtool is relatively new, so we will probably see less expensive similar products coming to market to compete.

if you mean the plastic bezel on the screen, these are easily replaced with new.

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Ah.. I meant the aluminium (?) frame!


Any good sources for the plastic bezel? I haven't seen it listed here on iFixit (for the 4S at least). Not a big issue, but I have one cracked here, it is cosmetic, but would like to replace.


Here's what they're talking about: gTool iCorner


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Yip gtool is the mission

Expensive but totally worth it

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