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Installed new broadcom card... now no bluetooth

So I just installed a new Airport/bluetooth card i(4.0 ie BCM94331PCIEBT4CAX) into my Early 2011 Macbook pro... when I turn my computer on... I was happy to see my Wifi Working but it says no bluetooth hardware detected.

Since there is WIFI doesn't that the card works?

Or is it a defective card?

Could I have not attached something properly?

Or is it a software issue???

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David, I would dry a PRAM reset before declaring it defective. Sometimes this forces the machine to recognize new hardware. Also, what do you see under System Profiler under bluetooth? Anything there?

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I'd also reset the SMC.


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I just tried to no avail

It also shows nothing under system profile

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double check if the bluethoot connector is well inserted in its socket.


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