I have no sound after replacing the keyboard?

Everything went smoothly except when I tried to lift up the speaker wire connectors on the logic board. There are two attachment points and the entire connector lifted from the board in both cases. I have a fine tip soldering iron and did a good job (tested continuity) soldering the two primary contacts back down on the board.

When I reassembled everything, I first couldn't click the trackpad. I checked out the old one and saw that there was an adjustment screw that was not included in the new one. I put it in, adjusted it, and that now works fine.

The second issue is that I have no sound. I did the first time I turned on the unit (I think!), but then no more. I've checked the option/speaker on the menu bar, but "internal speakers" is not listed. I also checked the midi interface and it isn't there either. I reset the PRAM/NVRAM with not changes. Now I'm wondering if the two pads that I did NOT re-solder might have something to do with this. I thought they were just to provide stability to the little connectors rather than also provide continuity. I would just touch them up, but they are very small and difficult to get to. Does anyone have a great idea on what to do next?

Thanks! Doug

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Do you get audio from the headphone jack? -Without pictures it's very difficult to answer your questions.


Hi - no, there is no headphone audio - there is also no indication of headphones in the alt/speaker info on the menu bar.

You mention with no picture it is difficult - can we post pictures here, or is there something specifically that I can describe that would help?



doug789, add images to your existing question. Here is a quick guide to do just that Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente


Thanks - I can see how to add them. Now the question is if anyone has any specific knowledge about these particular connectors and if the other two tabs are used for more than mechanical strength/stability. If so, I am going to have to dig in deeper! If not, then it must be a software only issue - kind of unlikely since both things happened during the same repair - but I can hope.



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