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A television game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, also known as PS4. First announced February 20, 2013 and released November 15, 2013.

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PS4 won't power on,Blue Light of Death (BLOD) Any suggestions?

I have a PS4 that, when the power button is touched, beeps once, flashes a blue light, then powers off. I can hear the power supply click on, and the fan powers on for about 2 seconds, then the power supply clicks again and it shuts off. It doesn't give me a chance to hold down the power button long enough to enter "Safe Mode".

I've tried a different power supply from a working PS4, but it did the same thing...even tried a different Blueray drive and hard drive, no dice.

I've also tried different combinations of powering it on with or without the HDMI cable, etc but nothing seems to work.

Any thoughts?


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One of my brothers also had faced a similar problem, I will surely ask him and will get back to you.


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I'm assuming you already have your console fixed but if not I can give you some advice.

This is not a power supply problem (or HDMI problem or hard drive problem, etc.). It needs to be professionally repaired. There are multiple things that can cause this type of problem. It could be a bad chip on the motherboard, bad solder on the motherboard, etc. It's not an easy fix that most people would be able to do themselves.

I'm not trying to discourage anyone I just want people who read this to know that this is not a simple fix.

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I can almost say without doubt they this is a simaler problem that plagued the ps3 in which I mean it is the same as the ylod in which some of the the tiny solder balls become disconnected from the mother board under the cpu/gpu.

1 method is to put a washer or 2 either side of the heat sink clamp,try 1 to start,this puts more pressure on the heatsink which can re connect the cracked solder balls/joints.

It has worked for me but no telling how long it will last.

Another method is the hot heatgun trick used on the ps3.

I haven't tried it yet on the ps4 but if all else fails then worth a go,it works every time with the ps3 and Xbox 360 but again not sure how long it will last,could be a day or a year.

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