Powers on then shuts off, reset battery,RAM,and hard drive Please Help

I have a Dell Precision M6400 WS. Push power button comes on for about 3 seconds and shuts off. tried with battery in and AC plugged-in. Tried with battery out and AC plugged in. Battery is bad so it wont power on at all with just the battery. Have tried the 30 second hold down the power button. And have also tried it on a docking station still no results. Any body with a fix or am i looking at a new CPU?? Thanks WJ

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did you check your RAM? tried to start with just one module?


Yes i tried to start it it with just one stick of ram but that didn't work.


check to make sure that you do not have any damaged USB ports. If the central damaged USB prongs are touching the outer USB cage, it will short out the motherboard when booting. Also, if you do not have any damaged USB ports it could be the LCD or LCD cable. Try unplugging the LCD and hooking up to the VGA port and see if it will post. Run delldiag by hitting F12 at the dell screen.


Did I mention it is a laptop not a desktop.


and it wont turn on.


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