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iPod touch is stuck in the connect to itunes screen.

iPod touch is stuck in the connect to itunes screen and my iPod does not recognize that its connected to itunes. i think somethings wrong with the iPods usb(jack) input connecter.

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does the iPod/computer react in any way when you connect the iPod with the computer ?

if you are using windows: do you hear a sound when you connect the iPod ?

check the dock connector on the iPod for lint/debris/dirt or bent contacts

here are the things i would try first

make a hard reset: press and hold the home and the sleep button at the same time until the iPod restarts, try to cennect it again - if it is still not recognized, try to set it into dfu mode and restore it

CLICK for a HowTo video on youtube

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My iPod is Mac formated and I have a PC. How do I change my iPod To PC?

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Lorraine, you should ask your own question. right now it looks like you have answered this question. Click on the link to the right side of this page "Ask a question" and tell us what ipod you have and I am sure we can find the answer.


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