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Second generation of Wi-Fi iPad, released on March 11, 2011. Model number A1395. Repair is difficult and will require heat.

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Brainstorm: iPad2 was dropped, now black LCD but backlight works

A dropped iPad 2 has been brought to me by a client. LCD screen is black but backlight turns on. I did some research and it seems there are two reasons this is happening: 1. The LCD is bad, or 2. The logic board has a broken circuit or jumper that needs to be bridged/resoldered. I really don't want to have to open it unless I know for sure what I need to fix. Can a backlight still work if the logic board is the problem? Is there anything I can try, short of opening it up, that can help me pinpoint what the solution would be? I don't have the proper soldering equipment yet, so I don't want to open it and then realize I'll have to send it out for resoldering. Thanks in advance.

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I can't understand you well. The screen can't be black if the back-light is working.

You can't be absolutely sure without opening and replacing the LCD display.

Yes, there is solution for a not working back-lights. You must replace or make a jumper for one coil. But this is solution for not working back-lights. In this situation you can see an information on the screen from a specific angle.

But if you haven't information on the screen and if this happens after a hit, 90% the problem is with LCD display. Inspect the LCD from different angles. Maybe you can see a small rift somewhere.

Without opening and testing with another LCD you cannot be sure where is the problem.


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Hello this can be simply fixed by opening up disconnecting the lcd and reconnecting and in most cases it will turn on with no problems..

This is a common fault in the iPad2 with the lcd disconnecting when dropped..

I'd it doesn't work then next step is a lcd replacement if a new lcd doesn't work it's a board problem..

Only way to find out is to get stuck in and open it up..

Don't understand why you won't open it up and troubleshoot the problem

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