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Released June 2012 / Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost / Up to 1 GB DDR5 Video RAM

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Logic Board reshuffle between Late 2011 and Mid 2012


If i will take an logic board from MacBook Pro 15" Mid 2012, for example from the model MD104LL/A with 3720QM processor Intel Core i7 (2.6 GHz CPU) and will put it in the full working body case of Mac Book Pro 15" Late 2011 instead of its original one logic board.. Will it fits in and get to work? Those two logic boards on your teardown pictures of Late 2011 and Mid 2102 Mac Book Pro's looking pretty identical with their size, shape and ports, but.. will really Mid 2012 logic board be compatible with all other details inside MacBook Pro Late 2011?

Thank you!

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The Mid '12 models were a transition release. Apple needed to come out with something as the Haswell chip series was delayed. Here's the details of the differenced between the two models: Differences between the "Mid-2012" MacBook Pro models and the "Late 2011" MacBook Pro models that they replaced.

Internally the case layout is the same between the two but there is a few stand offs which did get moved! So to answer your question yes a '12 logic bd will fit into a '11 case with some minor fitting issues.

But before you go down that path can you explain why you need to do this? Maybe their is an easier way to address the problem. But we need to know what that is first.

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The desire to put 2012 Logic BD into 2011 Pro 15" body-case is next. I have Mac Book Pro 15" Late 2011 with 2.2 GHz, and it works fine and fully functional but also i have now an opportunity to get logic board from 2012 15'' Pro, and yes, truly there is no big need for that, as my native logic is not broken, but i assume that 2012 chipset logic board will be faster with processor, video memory capacity and graphics speed (it should be?!). At least i hope it can be so, at last. And, as i can get a chance to have this 2012 logic board for free now from my friend (if i will need one), i am about to decide if it is possible to do so technically, and will i actually get then any real tangible improvements and speedup in the end, which i can see in notebook performance. What will you decide? Is this re-shaffle reasonable and possible technically? As you wrote upper that i will have "some minor fitting issues"..


Ah! Newer is faster and better argument! Did you review the link I provided you above?

The difference from a performance perspective is not much. Yes, the newer systems are slightly more powerful.

Lets look at it this way having a faster or more powerful car doesn't help you when the speed limit and traffic prevents you from taking advantage of all that power. You still end up getting to your destination about the same time irrespective of the car you drove. Systems are not much different. You won't see any improvement when doing basic tasks, it's only when you are doing deep crunching within an app were you will see a difference. As an example image or video editing or working within a deep spreadsheet or document.

Given you don't have a bad logic board and there are some standoff differences, I would not risk the swap out. If your friend is offering a free logic board I would take it! and put in in the closet until I needed it.

Instead I would focus on how to improve performance with what I had first. Have you upgraded the HD to a SSHD (hybrid drive) or upped the RAM? These will offer much more performance improvement that your logic board swap out and a lot safer to boot ;-}


You do get BT 4.0, which allows a lot of Handoff stuff to start working. that's a plus.


I put in a Bluetooth 4 chipset but the system profiler says continuity "no" and handoff "no". How can I activate it?


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Just to add my two cents ... I have managed to fit a logic board from a Mid 2012 13" Macbook Pro into the casing of a Late 2011 13" Macbook Pro without any problem.

Not sure if the same would apply for the 15" though

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Hello, i know this is an old tread, but i would like to swap a mid 2012 logic board (as well as airport card) into my early 2011 MacBook pro 13. Any things to keep in mind? Do i need extra tools apart from screwdriver? Thank you!


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