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Cooler Master's mechanical gaming keyboard. Released with Cherry MX switches.

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I don't like the loud sound when I type.


I recently bought this keyboard and its noise is extremely loud. Is there any way to reduce the noise?

Thank you.

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This keyboard has Cherry MX Switches, a type of mechanical switch which, admittedly, can get pretty loud. Do you know what sort of switch you have? The greens and blues can get quite loud, and the browns are nothing to scoff at, either.

You should know that as you become used to the keyboard, you learn where in the stroke the key is triggered and can stop after that point. Much of the noise in a mechanical keyboard comes from bottoming out the keys when you're still inexperienced with their feel. As you grow more used to the keys, this will change.

If the noise is still too much to bear, you can buy o-rings for them. They dampen the sound at the cost of affecting the feel of the keys (and the travel distance). Some people love them, though, and they seem pretty effective at toning down load mech switches.

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Yes, you can. If you'd like to make the keyboard more quiet without replacing the keyboard's switches, you can follow this guide to install O-rings on your keyboard. However, if you'd like to replace the switches themselves, you can follow this guide. If you'd like to see more information about the device, you can look at its troubleshooting page.

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It depends on the switches you bought. The quietest ones will be Linear Reds. The noisiest clicky blue. In between are browns. If you have blue switches it will always be noisy. You need to buy another keyboard after trying out some keyboards in a store. I suggest you try brown or red switches.

You can reduce noise in multiple ways. The easiest solution is trying not to type so hard. Mechanical keyboards actuate before you hit the bottom of the switch. Unlike a rubber dome, which you may be used to as they are the most common keyboards on the market. That way you don't bottom out the switches.

Failing that, try putting foam or a towel underneath the keyboard. That will dampen the noise of the case and the switches bottoming out. Other solutions include installing o-rings under each keycap to soften the impact of the key cap against the switch housing, or installing dampener clips

Another strategy is install sorbothane inside the case of your keyboard to absorb the kinetic energy created by the physical switch movement.

If after all these suggestions you still find the keyboard too noisy, I would recommend you purchase a rubber dome keyboard. At the high end, there are Topre based boards which use Electrostatic switches. At the lower end is a 20USD keyboard from dell which uses a rubber dome mesh and requires you bottom out the switches to make contact. Good luck on your quest for a quieter keyboard.

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