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7.7" Android tablet released in February 2012. Samsung P6800

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My device is working too slow

My device it about year old and it is starting to slow down. I can no longer run more than 2 apps simultaneously and freezes happen often.

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Try restarting your device. If that doesn't work, try deleting unwanted/unneeded apps and files/photos. Your device memory might be full.

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hi, i got the same prblm, i reset the factory but with not change.

it keeps pupping up - Adob air has stopped and measure has stopped

i guess it became useless device, i bought in 2012 it's lasting very long time working

thank y glxy tab i gonna to throw away. what do y believe guys?

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Same here for the last year my Tab 7.7 has become very slow, it's not related to too many apps running or low memory it is simply slow. Updating a number of applications at the same time is a exercise in patience. I would suspect it is connected with the battery as my Note 2 showed similar symptoms before the battery died.


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