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My MacBook Air Display is not working, it's broken? (I have a a photo)

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I could put the photo now n.n, of my MacBook Air, I dropped it accidentally :( , but I want to know if my Display is broken or a cable inside it, what you recommend me to do?

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Can't access the image get: Unauthorized


There's the photo my friends:D


Thanks for posting the image. Sadly I think old turkey is correct here your display has had it. You can also try connecting your system to an external monitor to help prove this. If the image is good on the external then its a sure thing. See if you can locate a full lid assembly while being a bit more in cost it will be a lot easier to replace.


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Kevin, that is a broken LCD. Part of the electronics that is connected to your LCD panel has failed. You could try and see if you find something obvious, but most likely you will have to replace the panel. Hope this helps, good luck.

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