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Where to Buy MacBook Air replacement parts for LED Backlight


I have a Macbook Air mid 2012 with the LCD working fine but the LED Backlight it`s not turning on. So, I live in Brazil and going to stay in the US for a few days, then...

Can anyone tell me where i can find and buy the parts that might be damaged in the LogicBoard?

I don`t mind to buy all the possible parts that might be damaged and replace just the damaged one when i get home since this parts is cheap compared to buy the entire logic board!

I dont know where to buy this parts, but reading online, here is what I possible need:

1. F9700 Fuse

2. The Mosfets Q9706 and Q9707

3. ?

Does anyone know any other part that might be the problem? I know that the problem can be everywhere in the logic board, but let`s be fair, I`m trying to buy the parts that mostly common are the reason for the problem with the LED backlight ok?

Thank you so much to all the iFixit Community!

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I too, am looking for F9700 Fuses.

Where can they be bought?


Peace Freak, those are available at part number P15118CT-ND


leonardoopaiva, did you ever manage to find the parts? F9700 is a 3AMP 32V in a 603 package; Q9706 is a FDC638APZ_SBMS001 P-Channel 2.5V specified MOSFET;

Q9707 is a SSM6N15FEAPE Field Effect Transistor Silicon N Channel MOS Type


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Why are you trying to replace things without knowing what is wrong? Have you measured or are you just guessing? This gets nothing done. We do not randomly replace things with no knowledge of a circuit. We seek to understand how it actually works, measure, think, and repair. Last I checked address bar it said ifixit not .

Most "common" problem is ball A5 on LP8550 or LCD connector, but guessing is BS and should not be done here.

put multimeter in diode mode, red probe on ground, black probe on pins 3/4 of LCD connector.

- 0.0 or 0.007 means direct short to ground, usually inside LCD connector or LCD cable.

- 0.200-0.300 is bad LED driver.

- 0.459-0.511 is bad feedback via or corroded away feedback ball under LP8550

- 0.565 is corroded solder ball or bad switch trace inside LP8550

Measure voltage along each point in the circuit. Before F9700, after F9700. At output.

At output,

- 0v means short to ground, blown fuse, or no LCD conected. Check that you see an image on the LCD, check backlight fuse, check board via from FET after fuse to boost coil.

- 8v means no short to ground, good fuse, but no boosting. Check BKL_EN is 2.7 to 3v at voltage divider going to enable pin of WLED driver, check BKL_PWM signal exists.

- 27v or higher means all good, but your LCD cable or LCD backlight itself is blown.

If you see power along the line, where is it? Where does it stop?

If you replace a fuse with a short to ground anywhere in the line you have wasted your time, and a precious little 0603 package. :(

In terms of where to buy fuses, if only there were a document that told you the exact voltage, amperage and package size of them.....

Lastly if it worked for a few months and then died most likely your problem is on bad feedback via/ball on LP8550, pins 3/4 coming corroded on LCD connector, or BKL_EN voltage divider resistors in that order.

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I do my fix the way I want. If I want to repair all the pieces, I will. Last time I checked, the question was where I could find the piece for sale, and not a way of knowing if it was really the issue. Be kinder to your answers, next time maybe people take you more seriously without requiring you to write a text of this size, you jackass


That is not fixing. I have laid out a diagram for those who wish to actually troubleshoot and find the problem, which is fixing. Replacing working parts without repairing the actual problem is not repair, it is butchery. Feel free to ignore and figure it out yourself. Whether you take the answer key I have laid out for you seriously or not I do not care, I have no personal vested interest in your laptop working again; mine has a working backlight already!


zzz is trying to help you and here you are calling him a jackass. What a whiny cry baby.


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leonardoopaiva, check your fuse with a multimeter to rule it out. If it has been tripped and does not show continuity, than you have to find the reason for why it happened. Right now it sounds like you are just going to replace parts without checking to se if they are still functioning, which may or may not work for you. We can most certainly tell you what those parts are, but they may not resolve those issues. You need to give us the last four digits of your serial number so that we can properly identify your hardware.

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Thanks man! My serial number is C02HQK68DRVC and the Model of the MacBook Air is the A1466.

Can you show me where this fuse ins exactly located so I can test it?

The reason why I think that they are the problem is because i spilled water in it 4 months ago. I turned off immediately and send it to a repair local store. They cleaned it with isopropyl alcohol and that's all, the machine was working pretty fine for 4 months, since now when the LED turned off.

I tried the SMC and PRAM reset but didn't worked, so I am thinking that the humidity created by the water 4 months ago could oxidized the fusels with the time and now stopped working.

What do you think?

Thanks again for the reply!


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Maybe a better way would be to bring the system into an Apple Store when you arrive here in the states to let them fix it (don't forget to pack it in your stowed luggage, not carry on). I would line up an appointment before you leave Brazil at the closest Apple Store where you will be staying.

What I fear here is you get all of this stuff only to find out it was still something else! While it might be more expensive than doing it your self I think you'll be happier in the end.

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unfortunately, I can't bring the MacBook with me because i live in one of the most crazy countries when the subject is taxes. You wouldn't believe, but I run the risk of paying taxes over my used MacBook if I try to bring it back from the US. Since i don`t have the tax note proving I already paid for it they will charge me like if I`m buying a new PC.


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