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How to remove a stuck screen

I know the video says the screen removal is the hardest part of replacing the battery, but mine seems more than "hard" to remove. I'm a 6' male and am using all my strength and the thing simply won't come loose. The iFixit-supplied suction cup keeps deforming and finally losing grip. Yes, I've cleaned both the screen and suction cup thoroughly to ensure good fit. The screen won't move. I guess being on there 2 years can get it "glued" in place. What tricks are there to force it to come off?

EDIT: In case anyone goes for the obvious, yes the pentalobe screws are removed. (They came out with surprisingly little torque.)

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The solution was to obtain a better suction cup. The one iFixit provides with the battery kit is insufficient to remove the iPhone 5 screen. Once I had a working suction cup I got the screen off in less than a minute.


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I never ever use a suction cup never have.

I insert a iseasamo on the lower left corner as there is a little gap in the screen underneath.

A thin blade can do the trick aswell but be careful..

Once you have it lifed up a tad insert the plastic pry tool to remove the rest

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You might want to try using the iSclack to remove the screen.

Imagem de iSclack




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