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Open a LaCie fuel 2tb and change the hdd for a sdd

Because I need to be moving all the time on a film set and the disk is on my backpack I whant to change the HDD to a SDD so it wont be damage by hiting my backpack

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LaCie Fuel product info.


Well, i guess is not that easy. :(,

Actually I even Know how to open it, so I can even try to clone the HDD to SDD.

I guess, I'll have to turn it on an off every time I need it. For my next job I will look for a unit that has a SSD.


Sorry about last coment.

I did not write NOT.

I DO NOT know how to open it so i can NOT clon disks


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Here's a good teardown of the device so you can see how to do it: Lacie Fuel teardown.

From the video it appears a standard 2.5" drive is used so swapping out the HD for a SSD maybe doable. But with that said, the issue is how the drive is formatted and how the files are maintained on the drive. HD drives need to have the OS and maybe some external tools defragment the drive to free up space. On the other-hand SSD's often do this them selves using built-in cleanup functions or TRIM services working in conjunction of the OS of the device. So it might work, it might appear to work but over time degrade as it can't clean its self up, or it just might not work at all. You are in uncharted territory here ;-{

If you do go for it think about writing it up so others can have a pathway. I might also point out often manufactures often look at sites like this to get a feeling on what people are looking for and if you post something here you might start something!

I should point out these portable units use drives that park there heads off the platters when turned off and they often have sensors to park the heads when they sense movement before the heads dig into the spinning platters.

You may want to look around for a unit which is designed with a SSD vs HD to start with. Presently there just isn't much out there that offers large storage like this drive (2TB HD). The issue is price for the bigger SSD's are still quite high as a reference a USB 3.0 1TB portable SSD is $600! At this time I don't know of any battery powered WiFi SSD storage unit bigger than 128GB which I gather is too small for your use.

If you do get it to work please let us know - Good Luck!

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Seagate wireless can change HDD to SSD, I think Lacie Fuel's no different. Maybe you need to reinstall firmware for it (firmware download in offical website). I have a Lacie Fuel, and want change SSD too, because I want to speed up time boot and battery life of lacie Fuel longer but SSD price is so expensive, and low-speed wifi, SSD is wasted. Maybe wait for new units to appear with high speed WiFi and when SSDs are cheaper.

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Ok. I did it. The first try it works.

An SDD 256gb

I will post again if it fails.


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