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2.0GHz, 2.3GHz, or 2.6GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache.

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Can faulty sensors be replaced?

I have the late model 2013 MBP, and I dropped it (only three feet) at an angler that caused the screen to crack. I bought a replacement on eBay, but didn't read the fine print and discovered that the cables which connect the camera etc. were cut. Ever since then, I've had issues with the GPU sense and another sensor that are all reporting -124 which causes kernel_task to consume more than 600% CPU and the laptop runs slower than molasses. Is there any way to replace these sensors and/or is there a way to tell osx to ignore the sensor readings so I can have the performance back on my MBP?

Thank you for your time.


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The Solution To My Problem

The final solution to this problem, was to simply take the MacBook Pro apart once again, then while I had it open, I cleaned it up really nice ... removing as much dust as I could from the fans and the motherboard etc. I then re-seated the mounting screws for the screen hinges, as a couple of them had come loose over the months. I re-seated all connecters that I had previously disconnected in order to replace the screen, then I CAREFULLY put everything back together and fired it up. It's been at least five days now, and no matter which position I have the laptop in, the sensors work perfectly, and I have had no high usage of the kernel_task process and no slow downs at all.

Dan, thank you ever so much for being patient and thoughtful throughout this process. I admit, at one time I thought you were over-simplifying the problem but in the end, Occam's razor proved to win again - the simplest solution was indeed the correct solution.

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Happy it all worked out! Please remember to rate (score) and mark it accepted.


Not sure if I did the rate / accept correctly or not???


You did good Mike ;-}


I actually found out EXACTLY what was causing this problem. The screen that I replaced which I purchased from ebay, as I said before had a cut wire that would have allowed me to connect the isight camera ... well, since the entire wire harness going from the logic board to the screen was fed tightly through the screen hinge, I just used my existing wire as the bluetooth and wifi antennas are also in this harness. What was happening, however, was that I had to also cut my isight portion of the harness which left some copper in those tiny wires exposed. I had stuffed the wires where I could fit them, and they were shorting out. I verified this by stripping them down a little more, then with the computer running, I would hold them together and watch the CPU go up to 600% on kernel_task and the fans crank up to max ... then I let them go and everything went back to normal. So, I cut them again and tipped them with some hot glue. :-)


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The problem here is the retina displays are not easy to take apart. In the process you'll likely damage it. If you have the skills you might be able to swap the parts out between your old unit and the new one.

Frankly, I would just try getting a new display assembly from a better source. Disabling things won't help you here either. Sorry ;-{

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Im not sure that the sensors in question are in the display assembly as the sensors which are reporting -124 are:

GPU 0 diode

GPU 0 proximity

Right heatsink proximity

Left heatsink proximity

So I’m thinking that during the drop, i actually damaged the sensors. Sometimes they actually work but those times are far and few between ... like 2% of the time actually.


Sounds like you have multiple problems here. Did the case get bent? You could have a short. As far as the sensors given the fact you bounced the system I don't think replacing them will make a difference here as we don't know why they are flaky. A bent case is the first thing I would check out.


The case is most definitely NOT bent nor damaged in any way. If it were, I would have replaced it when I replaced the screen assembly.

Incidentally, I did fully take apart the damaged retina display just to see if I could without damaging it (since it was already cracked, I figured what the heck). But there was no getting around it ... my attempt was a BRUTAL failure with glass shards all over the place. Those things are highly complex, yet dense and microscopically thin layers of technology I've never seen before. Some of the sheets of plastic or whatever it is inside the retina display look almost like alien material. Very interesting for sure, but the display assembly looks like it will never be something that can be repaired - just replaced.


By the way ... I am an expert at soldering (been doing it since the mid 1980's) and have a very nice temp controlled soldering station so if I need to hit some solder points, or re-enforce something ... replace something ... I can definitely handle the job. I was very careful when replacing the screen, and the unibody is built so well, it's difficult to imagine the sensor cables or sensors themselves having electrical issues after I replaced the screen. What I really need to find is a diagram of the precise locations of the sensors on my MBP so I can visually inspect them at a minimum. But at the moment, I have been unsuccessful at locating such a thing.


It's not a question of soldering here, it's an issue of something is shorting. The sensors are all over the place, so replacing them is like the game 'Wack a Mole' You'd be chasing the problem never fixing it. Trust me, you need to step back and look at this logically not reactively. Get a steel ruler and double check for a dip in the bottom cover or bent case (it doesn't take much). Disconnect the internal display completely and just using an external monitor see what happens. It's possible the semi-working display is causing the issue as well.


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