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New screen not very responsive

Hello Everyone,

I just bought and received my new screen for my iPhone 4S. After installing it and turning it back on, I have noticed that some of the areas of the phone do not work at times. The top 1/2" of the screen wont work to type in the top text box of google maps or texting. Swiping side to side works great. But up and down not so much. It will either press whatever my finger lands on first as I swipe down, or it will stop mid way and select whatever is in middle of my swipe/scroll.

Any ideas or suggestions? Faulty screen? Perhaps I need to reconnect the screen terminal?

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This sounds like a faulty screen, the problem with buying cheap replacement parts is they are manufactured cheaply thus more of the screens have problems.

i would send it back to the supplier and buy a new screen but do your research and don't buy the cheapest screen available.

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