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2003 Citroen C5 V6 - Is this a model with problems?

I haven't found someone that fix the automatic gearbox well in this car. Do you have instructions?

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Please IFIXIT,

assist me to start (Citroen C5V6/2002/Automatic).

The Start motor is replaced with Valeo! but seems the Engine to be locked?

I scerwed upp the SPARKPLUG and LIFTED the rear wheels to be able to see the V^ engine rotation.

I have performed all modes by Automatic gear but no changes seems.

asking you how I can bring the Crank shaft to rotate with rear wheel?automatic gear should be on which position accordignly?

thanks and ready to kompensate with bank card.

best regards.


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Problem here is language , sounds like there is no power to the wheels sounds like it could be the EMV valves in the gearbox it needs to go onto a Citroen diagnostic unit to find out what's wrong !

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