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Why does my Mac sound like rebooting without the chime?

After I boot-up or reboot my A1150, it keeps on making the reboot sound without the chime, i.e. the whirring/grinding noise. If I run my defrag programme it disappears. Very tedious!

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Depending on the age of your HD it may be failing or getting ready to fail. Keep a current backup, and check the SMART status of the drive.

Running Apple Hardware test may also provide some information.

Some anti-virus, or backup software can also cause a lot of drive reading/writing. Applications->Utilities->Activity Monitor may be able to identify which App is being active.

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Thanks, mach. I replaced the HD about 18 months ago as the original was just about at capacity. Current HD is 500 GB and only 10% used, BUT.........I took a tip which I might have read here, which said take the RAM chips, clean the contact strip and re-install in reverse order, i.e. move each chip into the other slot. Seems to work fine! Got to love these temperamental Macs!


Could be your environment, humidity and dust can get inside these boxes fairly easily and over time you start to see some light corrosion causing problems.


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