Why is my iPhone 5's home button rotating?

After dropping my iPhone 5 (CDMA A1429), I broke the digitizer and LCD. After replacing the entire part and reassembling the phone, the home button began to rotate, or feel loose. If I put very light pressure (not clicking) and move my finger to the right or left, the home button will move with it. It will not move very far, but has that loose feeling. Would I just need to also replace the home button, home button ribbon cable, or both? I checked the screws of the plate that holds the home button in place and the gasket is on it. What else can I try? As I am writing this, I noticed as when it rotates, it makes a click sound. If any other information is needed, please ask. Thanks!

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Chances are that the black gasket that sits behind the plastic button itself has lost it's stickiness. This is supposed to stick to the underside of the glass and hold the home button in place.

If it's not sticky anymore, I usually used a little bit of thin double sided tape at opposite corners of the round opening on the inside of the glass (this will then stick the slight plastic ledge on the home button to the screen). Reassemble and test it. If you can't get double sided tape thats thin enough, you can put normal sticky tape on the back end but it might not do much of a good job.

I would avoid using any glue as it can cause major issues and doesn't have much give to it.

Goodluck in your repair endeavors :)

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This doesn't work. Gg


@duuuude Gonna have to purchase new home then and fit it, easy.


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