iPhone stuck on low battery charging screen

Hi, yesterday I changed my iphone's battery and everything was fine, I charged it up to 100% and drained to make it's first cycle.. then, when it drained out, I left it turned off for about 2 hours, I connected to the charger and this screen appeared:

Block Image

ok, seems normal, everything is fine... left it charging for about 2 hours and the screen was the same, I thought it was normal as the battery was new, so i left there for 1 more hour... then I went to see and it still on this screen, ok, I searched for help on everywhere and I couldn't find a fix for it.. so, I've already tried to force reboot a lot of times and restored it 5 times, and still at the same screen, after this I thought "ok, I will leave it charging over the night, maybe this is the problem" I left it charging for about 8 hours and still at the same screen, what can I do??? I've changed the battery recently, the battery is NEW

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More than likely a faulty battery

Can you try old battery again ?

If it's threw out then you need another battery from a different vendor

If the same thing happens again after another battery then it's possible you have knock off a componant on the motherboard when removing battery

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I figured out what was happening.. I have to change the new battery to a newer one, the old one still working, the problem in the new battery is: it won't charge after the first complete drain... will contact the vendor to change it, btw, thx for helping me


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i have the same problem do i have to get a new battery

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You have to notice that the improper connection of battery on battery connector causes that most of the issues,

That the following reason might be check it step by step.

Charging port might be dirty.

battery connector loose connect.

The BSI point of battery connector and near parts broke down ,open or remove unknowingly while falldown or battery replace.

The must know about the Bsi point and it`s function check this the process.

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