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The HTC Desire HD is an Android smartphone by HTC Corporation.

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Why don't the volume buttons work?

The volume buttons on the side of the phone do not work. They have come loose but when pressing down on them, there is still the sensation of a button being pressed however, there is on reaction on the screen. The phone has been factory reset so it seems to be a hardware problem however, I am unsure of which part of the phone that actually needs replacement. What causes this problem and what needs to be replaced?

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The Volume Flex cables might be broken, a replacement is available on ebay.

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Thanks Arun,

I've opened up the phone before to take a look but I could not see anything wrong with the flex cable though I might check again and see.

The main reason I'd want to fix them is to unlock the bootloader on the phone so even a way to short the button would be ok.


Enable USB Debugging on your Device and use the following command in your PC.

"adb reboot fastboot"

This would get you to fastboot menu.

From there follow the instructions in the HTCDEV page to unlock bootloader.

Let me know if you have additional questions.


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U really should never mess with ur boot loader unless the hardware works correctly... Even if there is a way to do it. ull really wish u hadn't if sumhow the phone isn't recognized by the pc after u get to the boot loader n u can't just do a simple factory reset without the buttons functioning the way they should. U shud probably b happy ur phone works n maybe wen u have a lol extra $ take it to the shop. Both my inspires broke from volume issues.

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