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A collection of guides and support to help with washer repair.

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Why won't my Zanussi Washer start at all?

Dear all.

Our Zanussi Jetssystem 1000 FJE 1006 washing machine won't start any program. The power is running, the door is definetly closed, water supply is OK. The chosen program can be adjusted and the time is being displayed. However the countdown won't count down, the water doesn't run, the machine makes no sound at all. Using the ANNULL.-Button I can jump forward within the chosen program, the displayed time is then decreased, but I won't start anything in the other "stages" of the program either.

What could cause this trouble? And how could I repair that?

I only found a manual in German – the troubleshooting there didn't help...

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Our member, Old Turkey, can read the manual. Maybe he'll find something. For now, unplug it for 5 minutes to allow it to reset. Plug it back in and see if you get any error codes.

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Thanks for the answer.

I tried what you suggested. No errors were displayed, same problem as before: The door is unlocked and I can choose any program I want but it won't start. :(

I hope, Old Turkey has some hints.


I guess Old Turkey doesn't look at washing machine questions.


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Hello I had the same problem with another make of washing machine, the problem came from a little device (I forgot the name in English) which checked that the door was closed. If you push around the handle of the door or on some places of the door maybe it will work.

Good luck

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