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MacBook Pro models with 13" displays

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Replace the rubber around the MacBook Pro Screen

Hi and sorry for my second post today :)

So while I was trying to take of the glass from my MacBook Pro, the heat gun melted the rubber around the screen. Is it possible to replace it and yeah I manage to touch the rubber, so I will never be the same again? :)

Thanks in advance :)

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Ouch! Apple doesn't list this as a replaceable part (they only offer the complete lid with the display). Here's a source for the complete lid back with the gasket: MacBook Pro 13" Display Back Case.

Can I ask why you took the cover glass off?


I needed to replace the iSight, WiFi cable (http://bit.ly/1rTEGZo) since I have broken the cable that is connected to the logic board while trying to replace my keyboard, so it was necessary to replace the whole thing, which meant I had to disconnect the cable from the iSight Camera and it was covered by the glass. A small mistake meant the repairation of my MacBook Pro became way more complicated and expensive :)

And thanks again :)


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Daring DIY enthusiast here...

I always try and attempt to fix things myself to save money, especially when it comes to pc's as it can cost a fortune.

Regarding this. DO NOT WORRY!

It is a relatively straight forward process.

There is not a guide or tutorial anywhere online that i have found however I have just done this repair myself and can confirm it is possible with relative ease and patience.

Follow this guide MacBook Pro 17" Unibody LCD Replacement until the point of pulling of the old rubber gasket, same thing applies for 13 and 15 inch models.

then do the reverse steps but with the new rubber gasket which can be ordered from ebay/china.


Gradually work the new gasket into the gap, pressing it in from either side. The rubber will stretch out and will need shimming back so you can get the corners in.

There should be enough glue left behind from the old gasket to secure it in place, although even if you loose some, don't worry too much as it is more of a press fit than it is glued in. You could always use a glue if i wish, but choose the right one.

Take your time and make sure it is secure all the way round.

Put everything back together and hey presto, a fix or around £10.00!

Here is the link to the gasket i bought for my macbook pro mid 2012 unibody model.


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Hi Dan, hannibalvonjunior melted the gasket which is what the hiccup is here.


Sure, this is the way to replace that melted rubber gasket as I had a similar issue.

Hope it helps


Do you have a source for the gaskets? Thats the problem.



This is for the 15 inch model


Hi its 2018 and my 15"mid 2009 unibody is still as fast as ever but tonight i did something really stupid,i was cleaning the screen and along the top i rubbed too hard and the rubber seal must have been perished and disintergrated! That site in China which you gave a link for getting replacement rubber,is it possible to replace it without doing all those 34 steps or was that because you were having to take the screen out anyway? I couldnt do that amount of technical work sorry,i actually only need the top edge of the lid seal replacing if possible could i replace a piece not the whole thing by cutting it basically i need to know if i can pull the old out and inser new rubber without opening up anything thanks


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I'll make a guide next time I get another melted gasket.

It's replaceable, but I wouldn't say it is easy, I'd say a 6 out of 10 or more.

I've done it about 3 times so far. I was unable to remove the old gasket and the Chinese gasket (L shaped) did not fit the same so I have perfected the replacement (my way) and it works pretty good .

Remove the glass, assuming the screen is being replaced, remove the screen. cut the rubber gasket out leaving a flush surface.

Use a roll of iPad screen tape (black) or Mac tape (black) is the sturdiest. Note when you get to the bottom curve I don't cut that part off but you can if you need to.

I use the two sided tape to go around the area where the old gasket came off. Then I stick the new gasket down and put another layer of two sided tape over the flush rubber bottom of the l shaped gasket and the second application helps to hold it in place and give another sticky surface to hold the outer glass down. Put everything back together.

  • Tip, use a heat gun adapter to make much less heat exposure and a piece of card board and or heat gun stand to avoid future problems if you have to do it again.

Yes, the rubber seal is sold in china on eBay and yes it is replaceable.


Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Hope this helps!

Joe from T-rex computers

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Where on ebay did you find the gasket? Peggy@aol.com


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My screen is partially detached and I would rather avoid replacing gasket it was certified (so he said) apple technician who f****ed it up, he refuses to fix it, long story.

As I have graphics problem on this machine make no financial sense to fix it and want to keep this mac as spare just in case.

What kind of safe glue would you recommend to use, I would appreciate to point me in right direction.

Thank you in advance


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