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Repair guides and support for your Apple Wireless Keyboard. Connect and command your Apple computer wirelessly.

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iMac keyboard not working

my iMac keyboard is not paring with my iMac can't login

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First put in new batteries.


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Well let's start with the basics:

1) Is the keyboard powered on?

You can hold the power button on the side of the keyboard and you should see a green LED appear in the top right corner.

2) Does your bluetooth mouse still work?

This can be important in knowing if the iMac's bluetooth card is working properly.

Hope this helps!

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I am having a similar issue. I changed the batteries and now the keyboard won't pair. I can't use the keyboard to log in and fix the issue of pairing - vicious cycle here. If the keyboard worked and I could log in, then I could fix the pairing issue. Haha. HELP!


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