My screen is broken

Hey my screens broken but it's only the glass, so can i replace only the glass or is it the hole screen?

look at the pic. link below.

and which part should i buy?

thanks people.

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Don't count on replacing just the glass. The part is cheap yes, but you will need many more tools, including a method to cure new adhesive. It is a very involved repair and if you are like me it might take a couple broken LCDs out of your first batch to get the hang of it. I have it worth my while to buy the LCD assembly with the small parts preinstalled. Makes the installation much faster and almost completely painless. A total of like 9 screws and four plugs (I unplug the battery).

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I agree with David. Make sure to check out the Ifixit guide before attempting, helps if it's your first time. :)


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It's not my first time but if i Want to keep the original display is that posible?

Because if i buy a New display it's not so good quality so that's why i don't Want to buy it.

But thanks for the answer guys ;)

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