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Can I change the hinges instead of the whole display?

I have a MacBook Pro 17" Core 2 Duo and when I send it to warranty because the display started to flick and then all of the sudden some sort of a multicolor bars started to appear below the monitor and I couldn't see 1/3 of it, the support center told me that I have to change the entire display because the hinges were broken. But to do that I need $1,000. So I need to know if it is true that i can't change the hinges because if not I prefer to buy a new laptop.

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OK. This is actually more than just the hinges.

Since the hinges have worn over time the data cable has also worn out.

To fix this you need to replace the hinges and the data cable.

This is NOT an easy fix and will take a lot of time to do. (I had to do a repair like this about 2 months ago).

All the parts are available on eBay and on iFixit's inventory. iFixit's inventory is much more reliable but if you are willing to go for a knockoff part check out eBay.

Be sure to look over all the teardowns and become VERY familiar with the MacBook.

You will need to take apart the display itself so you will need to find that on youtube. (iFixit doesn't currently have one.)

If all else fails you could always sell it on ebay!

Good Luck and don't give up!


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varsityanchor thanks!

I have been asking around (also seeing a couple of teardowns vids) and you are the first one that says that it is possible to change only the hinges and not the entire display. So I still have doubts about if it is possible to take off the broken hinges and replace them with new ones. Because in the support center they told me that this was not an option because in this MacBook Pro model (17" 2.33ghz) the hinges came together (maybe welded) with the display assembly.

so that repair you mention, was from the same model?

thanks again for the help


Yes lol, that is actually the same model i worked on. It is pretty difficult to get the display apart so thats most likely why there is no real repair for it. As far as the hinges go part of the hinge is welded(the part that connects directly to the display), but not the "spring" part (which is the bottom part of the hinge). This "spring" part has 3 screws in each hinge (left and right) that connect directly to the base of the laptop. Most likely these "springs" wore out from use. Also remember to replace the "Display Data Cable" good luck!



Actually the hinges are supposedly broken because of a fall the laptop suffered (at least that's what they told me at the support center).

Anyway I think I'm gonna take the risk and try to fix it, even though I just buy a new laptop (a pc :( buuju) Thank you so much for the help!


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The glide kit from RadtechGlide addresses this problem on most Mac Laptops: Kits: Model-Specific Service Tools + Laptop Hinge Repair & Maintenance from

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Actually the hinges are supposedly broken because of a fall the laptop suffered (at least that's what they told me at the support center). So I don't know if this can help in my case, but anyway thanks, this website can be useful.


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