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Repair guides, support, and troubleshooting information for MacBook Air models with 13-inch displays.

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Why is my power adapter not charging?

why is that my power adapter is sometimes not charging then after some few days it would charge again?

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Is the cord damaged?

Often I see people winding the cord around the studs in such a manor as to put a twist into the cord its self. Think how the flat phone cord gets spiraled around its self. Over time this stresses the wires inside so they break. When you release the tension the wire ends can sometimes joint backup completing the connection.

Apple also changed the way the MagSafe connector was attached to the cord. Make sure you have the newer type charger for your system. If the cable at the connector looks messed up Apple will give you a new charger for free.

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Will this also work for a Macbook Air A1304 ? I plugged in my power adapter into my plugbar 20 minutes ago and the two connectors lit up inside the bar. From that point on, it does not charge the book anymore.


Not following you here Josh, what are the two connecters that lit up? How about creating a fresh question giving us all of the details


The two pins on an European SchuKo plug. You said, that Apple would replace my power adapter for free, if it is damaged. Probably creating a new question is a good idea.


OK, I think I get it!

The power cord shorted out causing sparks to fly when you plugged in the cord into your power outlet strip. Sadly your outlet is likely damaged in addition to the cord here.

While I was focusing on the low voltage side (MagSafe cord) the power cord is replaceable on its own. It just slides off from the transformer unit so you can replace the cord with the duck face (as we call it) or the full cord.


It's just a little cap which fits into my wall socket, no power chord, but I get what you mean. But will replacing that tiny piece do the trick? The two contacts for the wall socket seem fine, only one pin of the magsafe looks a bit darker (the pin on the duck face at magsafe side).


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