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A smartphone by Nokia, successor to the Lumia 610, one of the first phones to run Windows Phone 8.

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Is it possible to make a different Ver Screen work?

Found out, after I replaced my Nokia Lumia 620 screen, that diff versions exist.

Old one was Rev.3

New one is Rev1.3

Is it possible to do a software upgrade that would allow it to work (digitizer to work)???

Or do I have to order another screen Rev.3 ?

Thanks, Danielle.

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When using different version screens on the phone you often will find that ether the display don't turn on or will have odd graphical errors, as for being able to solve this with an update I've not tried so be interesting to hear if it does.


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Danielle, revisions on the LCD usually involve the LCD only and are not software initiated. Stay with the same revision screen. Hope this helps, good luck.

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To add one more point - Always try to get a genuine OEM digitizer. Because there have been quite a few instances where a non genuine digitizer is rendered completely useless after a software update. :-)

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