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Shows signal, but does not make calls/texts?

Hi, I have an iphone 4s and the phone says it has full signal, however it will not make or receive calls or texts? how can i fix this? is it a hardware or software issue?

Many thanks

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Try another known good SIM on your phone. If the other SIM works well on your phone, try cleaning your faulty SIM with an eraser; otherwise, replace it.

If your line/plan is pre-paid, have you run out of credit?

Try General>Settings>Reset>Reset Network Settings.

Try reboot: press and hold Home Button and Power Button together for 15 seconds.

Please let me know if any of the above helped.

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Turn your 3G off and try making a call

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have done this does not work, 3g does work the phone just fails to make receive calls or texts


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if one of these options doesn't help, try restoring your device and see if that helps :)

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