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bracket left over from strip down


I changed the headphone jack assembly on the iphone 5, so had the phone on bits, but as I was taking it apart, I noticed a bracket was inside the frame, I thought id spot where it went on the reassembly, but I didn't! Anyone know where this part is from?


As it happens, the headphone jack doesn't work, charger and speaker does. Is there anything obvious I should look for when opening up again apart from making sure everything is seated? I did swap the resistor over to the new one, so that can be ruled out.

Many thanks

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It is the rear mic bracket.

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Block Image

This pic should help you

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How did I manage to forget that part????

I've ordered one of those whiteboard magnetic mats now, I don't fancy mis-placings any more paets on future jobs!!!


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That looks like the bracket that holds the mute switch button in place

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Ok, I'll open it back up tonight!!


I could tell you everytjing about the 4/4s but ive not done enough 5 to know every partuet!

Cheers again


No, this should be the rear mic bracket.


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