iMac Intel 27" EMC 2309 (Late 2009, Core 2 Duo 3.06 or 3.33 GHz) ID iMac10,1, EMC 2374 (Late 2009, Core i5 2.66 GHz or Core i7 2.8 GHz) ID iMac11,1

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Use 27" iMac case as hackintosh

I have a 27" i7 imac and its starting to get pretty slow. I figured that since the case was pretty thick and the screen was not very big, It would be possible to gut it and still use the display (1440p, really good display) and the case (upcycling) and building either a pc or a hackintosh in there. The cables for a power supply could be daisy chained to each other and I can keep the PSU out of the case running into it. Or i could still use the internal psu, or get a new one from ifixit.

Parts in intend to use:

cpu:i7 4970k/4770k/4960X

mobo: one of the supported ones here:

gpu: gtx780/770 (AMD cards will run pretty hot and the ventilation on this case is not exactly the best)

ram: 16gb/8gb

storage: maybe 1tb/2tb hdd or a smaller SSD maybe 256gb/500gb

CD drive: doesn't work anymore, maybe use the drive tray from ifixit for extra drive

PSU: if i did use one, i'll keep it out of the case. maybe CoolerMaster V750W or Corsair RM 750W

If you have any reccommendations on the parts i've used, i'd really like some help, I don't mind drilling some holes in or using a metal plate on the back either

I had experience building a pc already, here's the specs if u wanna know:

-i7 4770K

-H110 (they ran out of H110i stock so I ended up drilling holes in my case only to find out that I could remove the front drive bays off the top of my HAF stacker case)

-2 256gb samsung pro ssd in raid 0

-Windows 8.1

-asus rog maximus vi formula

-2tb WD green HDD

-Haf stacker

-asus gtx 780 DCU2OC

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Sadly, I think your bitting into something thats just not possible for many good reasons with a highly questionable result.

First, the system is designed for a low profile logic board and the layout is such to allow the optimum air flow for cooling given the thinness of the case.

Second, getting the needed odd parts to fit will be very difficult and the costs will likely be more than selling your system and buying a new unit that meets your needs.

The display connection is a LDVS so you'll need to find something that converts to VGA or HDMI, running the needed power connections external also creates issues.

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Thx guys, I think i'll wait for it to finnaly konk out, and the parts needed get smaller, maybe i'll try, i Just have nothing much to do during the summer, and i thought that this will give me something to do. I still, wonder, could i upgrade the cpu and gpu?


Intel has changed the socket a few times since this system came out. So your choices of a replacement CPU will be limited.


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Muhammad Anaqi, I believe that anything is possible. Just a matter of how much time, parts and money you are going to spend on a system like that. Biggest challenge coming up will be to mate the display panel to a different video card. You will also have to modify the case to accommodate the different parts. The way I would proceed is by thinking about what performance I want from this computer and not by what parts I want. Obtain your parts based on space and need to obtain the specs you envision.

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Why not simply use your iMac as a display using the Target Display Mode instead of altering it?

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Not a bad idea! If the system is working and you had a second Mac that didn't have a working display (i.e. Mac Mini) that might be useful. In this case he wanted a Windows system which wouldn't work.


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Or just pop a sweet 1tb SSD in there from Samsung andwake that Mac back up. Did this to an aging core2duo mini that we watch tv on and amazeballs speed increase.

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