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Second generation Learning Thermostat from Nest Laboratories

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Any rubber parts in Nest Thermostat?

Hey Everyone,

This is Wafaa and i'm looking for more informations about Nest Thermostat. I'm making a report on the smart grid. The reason why i would like to know specificly the compounds of the materials of these type of thermostat. Is there any rubber parts like for sealing functions inside this gadget?

Thank you in advance for your answer

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Define what you mean by Rubber natural or synthetic. I would recommend talking directly with NEST or getting a unit to take apart.


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No, nothing flexible at least. There is a few plastic peices inside but there no way for us to know what type of plastic it is. If your researching products its best to talk with a rep that manufactures the product as so you wont get false information, fyi.

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