Audiosonic TL-3470 tablet stuck on boot logo?

i have this cheap tablet that got stuck on the boot logo. no dropping or water damage. the device has only 2 buttons. power and reset button. tried everything but nothing helped.

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Can someone send me a link to this firmware?

my tablet is also stuck on the boot logo.


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I was going to suggest the volume + power button to bring up the hidden menu if android but as you say it doesn't have one.. I used to deal in tablets, china tablets, I would suggest contacting the manufacturer and asking them for the firmware so you can restore the tablet. Back when I was selling them the factories I got them from sent me the firmware for the tablets and one of their chinese programs I had to use to restore the tabs that had problems, might be worth contacting them :)

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i will give it a try, thank you!


It worked thank you so much!!!


I am having same issue what did you do?


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