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No service after teardown

I've had the no service/searching issue with the past three 4s phones I've "repaired", I haven't changed anything in my repair process and I'm seriously considering giving up. I've tried all the usual methods mentioned here, time and date are fine, blue coil is intact, silver clip is in the right place and so is the black pressure point, I have also tried a full teardown and back up and restore through iTunes. I am wanting to try cleaning the contact points but I'm unsure of where to clean and how. Will IPA solvent cleaner work and how do I administer it?

Thanks in advance, Stewart.

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If time and date is correct then it it's be something your doing when removing motherboard

I have gone hundreds of iPhone 4/4s and never had this issue

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try a hard reset and then connect the iphone with the wifi. Then it gets the correct time and if wait. If not try a hard reset again.

I often had the problem it solved as i conected the device to wifi.

Hope it helps.

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