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Strange dark patch/patterns on logic board


Block Image

Please have a look at the above linked picture of the logic board. I am a bit concerned as to what that dark pattern/patch on the logic board is? You can clearly see a dark patch right in the middle of the picture. The Macbook Air is working fine so I doubt this is liquid damage.

Thank you all for your help in assisting me find a bit more regarding this issue.

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singhlookforme, Apple paints their logic boards. Looks like the paint is coming off. For as long as it works, leave it alone.

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Thanks for your reply. It looks like a really bad paint job because looking at the board you can see uneven patterns everywhere. It looks really terrible and reduces the resale value of the laptop. I know people might not look inside but if someone does they might think I have sold them a turkey(no pun indented).

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