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Battery Door Plastic Slider Broke on my Olympus Stylus 820

Hoping someone out there will be able to help me with this. The plastic slider of the battery door on my Olympus Stylus 820 broke. I ordered a replacement through Olympus and received it the next day. Unfortunately, it did not come with directions. I called the customer service number and was told I cannot have the instructions to install it myself. I need to send it in to them to repair even though they sold me the part (go figure!).

I've now got a new battery cover that I can't install, a useless camera and a bad taste left over from dealing with Olympus customer service.

Can anyone tell me how to install the battery cover?

Thanks to anyone who is willing to assist.


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I noticed you never got an answer to this. Are you still having this problem?


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After searching for the answer, it seems no one wants to tell. But I found several being sold on eBay. If you wrote to one of people selling the part they would probably tell you how it's done so they could sell the part. Try this one:

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worth a try +


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The door can be replaced without any tools. The plastic is flexible, though caution must be used NOT to bend it too much. As your read below, understand the difference between the PLASTIC door you are replacing and the METAL door the plastic is mounted on.

To remove the old door, the following must be done simultaneously (This assumes the latch part of the door is cracked off completely.):

• Slightly open the camera door.

• Lift up on the end of the plastic door on the hinge end

• Slide the plastic door TOWARDS the hinge, a bit passed the normal locked position.

• The door should lift off.

To install the new plastic door:

• You will see 4 small tabs on the inside of the new plastic door. These will need to align with the corresponding part on the metal door on the camera.

• Open the metal door of the camera slightly.

• GENTLY bend/flex the new plastic camera door at BOTH ends (Latch and hinge ends).

• Slip plastic so the tabs discussed above slide into place…plastic tabs onto the metal part of the door.

• You MUST ensure all 4 tabs are aligned – once they are, push the plastic door down in to the metal door then slide the plastic door to the open/unlocked position and stop flexing the plastic door.

• Door should now function normally.

It is frustrating however take your time and don’t over flex the plastic door. If you only get 3 of the tabs aligned, you will need to remove the door and start over. To remove, follow the directions above HOWEVER you will now also have to flex the latch end of the plastic door also.

Hope this helps!

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I have to add that not only does Larry's answer work, it applies to the Olympus Stylus 500 as well. Open the battery door and use a very tiny Philips screwdriver to remove the black pad attached to the inside of the battery door. There are two miniscule black screws that must be removed. Be sure to remove them over a light-colored counter so as not to lose them.

When this is done, close the battery door, and then use a tiny flathead screwdriver to lift the back of the battery door up as you push back on it as if you were closing the door as usual. Do this gently and the door will slide backwards over the bottom of the Stylus 500 case. Pop it the rest of the way off and then replace it with the new battery door in the same basic fashion Larry describes with the 820. The only difference is that the black insert still needs to be replaced afterward.

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Go check youtube. I have the same problem.

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Hi, I identified a similar problem with my Olympus Tough yesterday evening. The battery could not be held down to charge either. So, the first order of business was to wedge the battery down to make contact to charge. I used a wooden sheesh kabab skewer with a pointed end to wedge the battery so the terminal would touch. It worked. Then, once the battery was charged, I was on to the next problem. How to shut the door with enough pressure on the battery so that it would make contact. Eureka!!! I used a foam ear plug to provide that requisite pressure and it worked. The ear plug will mold itself to the battery edges and the door. I had a little struggle to get the door closed. I was afraid that with the force I was using I would break something. But hey, this camera is supposed to be "tough." So, here is my hillbilly solution. I still have use of my expensive camera and won't have to junk it.

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