iPhone 5 Not Charging, After Replacing Battery & Charging Port?

I've been in the Apple repair business for almost 3 years now and I'd have to say I'm stumped on this one, can anyone help me out please?

I have an iPhone 5 that would not charge, after replacing the battery with a new one along with the charging port, I still can not get the iPhone to charge let alone display any sort of charging symbol or anything. I went very carefully when replacing the charging port and had no issues. Can anyone give me an idea as to what to check or even replace that can fix this issue?



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"any sort of charging symbol or anything." so what do you see?


Just replaced the logic board with one that i knew worked. It appears your both right the logic board that i used to replaced the one that wasn't working is working just fine. Now this brings me to my next question, does iFixit repair Logic Boards with this issue or will i need to find another business that does, if so who?


Adam Schultz, ifixit does not do repairs. You can get parts and advice on here, but no repairs.


I have the same problem.

I put in a new battery.

Then I changed the charger port. (The old one was worn and not always connecting with the lightning cable)

Now - It doesn't charge, but it works if plugged in (i.e. NOT mobile)

I have opened it up and checked the connections, but it all looks good.

Any suggestions welcome.

PS: (It either shows 100% or 1% in the battery readout, but I think that is a separate issue. I reset the iPhone and that issue was fixed for a while)


OK. Ive just been reviewing the assembly of the charging port using:


(iPhoneRepairMiamiBeach dot com youtoobe channel charging port)

At 4minutes 10 seconds in to the video he says "make sure you do not lose these washers". Now I do not have the tiny washers that held in the charging port. They fell out the first time I did it and I couldn't see where they had come from. I then lost one, so I hoped it might not be important.

Does anyone know what these washer do? And if they are significant to this problem?


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Sounds like the phone boots as normal on a charged battery, but when connected to charger it does not detect the charger and show you a lightning symbol next to the battery percentage.

This 'no detect' problem is a board-level repair. The only thing you can really do is 1--try another battery (this was the solution on the last one I had like this!) and 2-- look carefully at the area around the dock connector to see if there is any visible damage to the board. If none, then it is likely either the charging power management ic or the U2 charging ic that needs to be replaced---neither of which are feasible repairs for the average shop.

If you search U2 replace, there is a post around here somewhere with someone that said they could change U2.

I could change your charging power management ic, but I wouldn't attempt U2 professionally.

Good luck!


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To rule out motherboard damage try the motherboard in a known working iPhone 5 and it it still won't charge the battery then it's a fault with the motherboard

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I have replaced my iphone 5 battery and an itunes light shows up once plugged into the wall. but once plugged into the computer it doesn't even boot up. any suggestions?

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m y iphpne won't on

affter replace charging port

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you can also check out the motherboard. I say this because the same thing happened with my iPhone

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