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O Galaxy S 4G da Samsung é um smartphone operado com Android 2.2 que possui tela tátil AMOLED de 4 polegadas e processador de 1 GHz.

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Samsung Galaxy S 4G Restarting Loop


My Samsung Galaxy S 4G is stuck in a restarting loop. The battery isn't the problem, I haven't gotten into contact with water damage. This happened after I turned it off to charge my phone once charged I tried turning it on. It only goes to the Samsung screen shuts off again and returns, and has been in a constant loop for hours. I have done research showing the power button could be the problem... is this true and how much will it cost to fix it?

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Take the battery out for a while, then try to restart the phone.

If still, should try to check if it's software problem. Root the phone or factory set, but you may lost the data in the phone.

If all failed, you should doubt if it's the problem of motherboard. And at that time, you have to send for professional check and repair.

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