No service after water damage iPhone 5


I have a water damaged iphone 5. I've cleaned the logic board and changed the screen. The iphone has now NO SERVICE. When i put the sim in, i have to give my code and then the iphone start searching after a minute "no service"

I've tried with other antenna without succes.

What causes this problem and how do i fix this?


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Baseband is fine, thx for the reply


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Water damage is horrible you don't no what part it's wrecked.

you could buy all the parts and it still might not work. Motherboard damage is mostly the cause


Have you tryed a restore?

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Check in the system setting to see if the IMEI and ICCID are properly displayed, if they don't display, the baseband is not powered up or fried.

Then we go to RF check, check for visual damage and power on the transceiver and each amp, signal routes for each band, the details can list more than 5 pages so it is a tiring process

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Where can I find the 5 pages ?


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I will assume you've ruled out a time/date thing after battery disconnect. Toggle airplane off/on and connect to WiFi.

Last one I had like this was latte damage that I had to desolder the SIM tray to see, it ended up a baseband power ic problem and I gave up. The next one freaked me out with the same behavior so I thought it would be the same. It was jailbroken so hard to see the carrier info. I worried about it for half and hour before I realized it was the silly time/date thing.

keep us posted when you figure it out.


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Putting it in a bag of rice won't clean the logic board. Clean the logic board with isopropanol and check again

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