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Did I Desolder My Battery the Right Way?

Hi, I'm kind of new to Soldering, and I'm trying to replace my iPod Battery.The P+ and TH pads came off okay, but the third one didn't.Some of the ribbon/pad stuck to the pad on the iPod and it won't come off. Will it still work once I put the new battery in?

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It will come off.

Add plenty of flux.

Get a nice big blob of a low melt quick alloy desoldering solder.

Heat your tip, apply a blob of solder to the tip and rub it on top of the pad. whatever is stuck on there will come off.

Should take maybe 5-10 seconds max.

Let it cool down and if you're using low melting temp quick alloy, you can just pick up the excess solder with tweezers. Alternatively, press a little copper braid into the excess solder to pick it up.

Use the copper braid and plenty of flux to go over your cleaned pads.

pre-tin the pads with fresh solder

clean with alcohol

apply more flux and press the new battery onto the pad and touch it briefly with your hot iron.

clean with alcohol


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So basically I just apply solder to all three pads and then when I go to put the new battery on, I heat it up and let it flow through? Do I have to get the piece of ribbon cable off of the pad before I put the new battery on?


You probably don't need to apply more solder to the other two pads. Old turkey is right that you probably could make an electrical connection without removing the stuck Piece. However for the most robust solution you should remove the old connector piece. Counterintuitively, more solder will help flow the old solder and lift the stuck piece. You wouldn't want to leave a large amount of solder, so you'd have to use copper braid to remove the excess. The key is plenty of flux to help the solder flow and stay where it is supposed to go. Be careful of getting solder on other components


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Trayton, looks like you have enough solder pad left to solder the battery to it. A better close up might help, but with the posted images, I'd say you are okay. Watch the heat when you solder it on. No reason to overheat the pads and melting them off :-) Hope this helps, good luck

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