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The PlayStation Vita is the successor to the PSP. It contains a beefed up processor and graphics, and includes the addition of a second analog stick. It was released February 15, 2012.

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Why can't the Vita detect my memory card after taking it apart?

This was my first time taking apart my PS Vita to replace a left analog stick that became faulty. I took out the game cartridge, but not the memory card before I took my Vita apart. Once I finished replacing the analog stick I turned on the Vita only to find out that it cannot recognize the memory card.

I tried restoring, restarting, and rebuilding, but the memory card could not be read no matter what I did. I was unable to format the memory card in safe mode since I kept getting errorc2-13209-5. I have not tried another memory card yet as this happened at an unexpected time.

I was following the instructions on ifixit and now I wish there was some kind of warning to take all cards out.

Update (03/15/2014)

A solution to try is inserting the memory card to your PlayStation TV, if you own one. I don't know if this is guaranteed to work for anyone else but it did for me and worth a shot.

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Hello Keri,

I put my memory card in another Vita, and it didn't I assume that the card is dead.

My theory is that if you leave the card in the Vita while disassembled, take out the battery and attach the battery back to the main board, it creates some kind of power surge and fries the card....which would explain why most tutorials ask you to take out the card before disassembly.

I'm going to order another card and see if that fixes the problem.


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I ordered a new memory card and it works flawlessly on the Vita. I tried the old one again, but it still doesn't work. As you said before, the memory card is fried.


Although i did take apart the ps vita system and left the sd card inside this particular ps vit has been completely dead since 2014 is it possible it could still be fried


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I found a solution! I don't think it was ever fried. I brought a PlayStation TV and inserted the memory card in it and it worked! When I put it back in the vita, it had no problems.

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my memory card wasnt working too but i fixed it by taking it out and putting back in when the ps vita was on and it read it perfectly.

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