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Wifi problem after SSD change - "no hardware installed"

Hey guys,

yesterday I replaced my superdive with an optibay kit, put my HDD inside and using now a SSD in the primary slot. I noticed that a tiny plastic square had broken off located at the Airport/Camera/Blutetooth cable. I dont know where its location exactly was. This tiny plastic square has adhesive on the back. I found a picture in one of the guides and I just have put it here:

Block Image

Could this tiny plastic square really cause the issue?

My Bluetooth and my camera are still working. I have also tried a SMC and PRAM reset.

What is the most possible explanation for my problem?

Software, connector, cable or the airport card?

I found a similar issue here and I dont you how to fix it with a tape...

Thanks in advance!

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I removed the fan and lifted the subwoofer a bit to adjust the camera cable. Now it lays exactly in a 90 degree angle above the optibay chamber. It still says "no hardware installed" ...


Use a magnifier to examine the cable for nicks, pinches. double check the connectors at the ends of the cable. The socket is metal and easily bent. Be sure to align the connector with its socket on the logic board before mating the two pieces. Ensure you have a straight, solid connection .


Where are you seeing the no hardware installed message? Go to System Information (report) - network. bluetooth, wireless… if need be force a refresh (command-R) of the data.


I have the exact same problem except that all three (bluetooth, wifi, camera) are not recognized. The little black piece mentioned above also broke off and i thought nothing of it and disposed of it.

I am thinking of ordering a new cable.

Help please!


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the little black piece of plastic with adhesive on it, is just there to keep the camera/airport-cable in its place.

The reason they added this, is that when you slightly misplace the connector whilst power is on the logicboard, the cable can cause a shortcircuit on the logic board. Look for the black piece of tape/sticker directly on the right side of the connector on the board. You can pry this sticker of with a nylon stick. Below it, there are several resistors/capacitors that may or may not have been blown: this is visible as a black-brownish burnt spot. if this is not the case there is a chance you can fix it by disconnecting the cable again (making sure all power to the board is removed!!) and, as suggested earlier, make sure the connector is placed exactly straight into its receiving end and make sure it's nice and snug (press it a little with the nylon stick, but not too much as to force the connector off the board)

Otherwise you may have blown the airportcard inside the display clutch cover (less expensive) or a small chance that there is something wrong with the airport/camera-cable.

my bet would be that you fried the motherboard.:( i feel your pain!

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The answer is the second one on the Question you sited. Disassemble/reassemble the fan as needed to carefully route the antenna wires.

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