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The MacBook family was first introduced in May 2006 and replaced the iBook as Apple's consumer laptop.

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My MacBook does not power up at all!

Since swapping the base plastics for this MacBook, it is now completely dead.

The bottom case was from a different model of A1181 and this some screw holes were not present or in the wrong place. As a result some screws were left out.

I have heard that the screws help earth the logic board and complete the internal circuit.

Thus can someone confirm that this would result in a dead MacBook and that by fully disassembling the MacBook again and returning it to the original bottom plastic will result in it working again?


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I would certainly try that.



I put it all back together with the original base plastic, ensuring that all screws, connectors cables and the like were in the correct place.

I am not clumsy and have taken laptops (non-Apple) apart before, nintendo DS, and other electronic gizmos without them dying on me like this!

The MacBook is still dead.

Although not completely it would seem. On pressing the power button a very faint ticking noise can be heard coming from the processor/fan area. This is not a constant click as sometimes its fast others slower. There is also a feint hum between clicks at times.

When the power lead is connected the unit appears to charge, light on the lead anyway...

No other signs at all.

Is it a totally dead logic board?



You need a replacement mobo.

Try eBay


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Try to reseat the ram and do a SMC reset. If it doesn't work:

Take off the MB top case, disconnect the optical drive, the airport card, the hard drive, the battery, from the logic board. Install your hard drive in an external USB 2.5 enclosure and connect it to the USB port, connect an external keyboard to the MacBook, find the two small power pads on the logic board (it's near the fan and you'll see the power icon over them), connect the AC adapter (diode should be green) and trip the two power pads with a small flat jeweler screwdriver. If you get a chime push on the keyboard option key and you should see the external HD icon onscreen. We want to know if the logic board has a problem or if something else is causing the issue. If the MacBook boots than you have a bad cable or bad top case or another faulty part that you'll have to find. If the MB doesn't boot then something else is in trouble or the logic board is dead.

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Lemerise, i just wanted to say thanks for your information. I have a MacBook here, same model etc. And for some reason it was not booting up at all. I did as you said, and used the screwdriver to get the machine going. One by one i added/connected the devices i had disconnected and continued to use the screwdriver to boot the machine. Eventually i tried to boot it with the keyboard/top connector plugged in. It would not boot.

After closer inspection of the keyboard, i saw that the little ribbon cable which has about .5cm of it's ribbon exposed in the battery bay was torn. Likely when the hard drive was replaced. Apple sucks for having that there in an area that is supposed to be user servicable. Anyhow, one of the connectors in the 16 or so wire ribbon was severed and another was about 1/2 severed. Had to use a magnifying glass to see this. At first i thought this machine would need a new logic board, but now i know that it works fine, and it just needs a new keyboard. I am going to take apart the keyboard to see if i might be able to replace this ribbon somehow, as the keyboard is perfect, aside from the minorly torn cable.

Again i hate apple for making this design, but thanks for your information.


Unfortunately i was unable to take apart the keyboard. But however, a friend had some rear-defrost liquid connector material on hand (for linking the metal contacts in the rear window defrost of vehicles). I thought, since the keyboard is a write off that i would try to apply some of this liquid to the broken connector. It took a magnifying glass, someone to hold a pen-light to the connection while i worked, and a steady hand, but i managed to wipe it onto the broken connector and re-create the circuit. When it dried i connected the keyboard connector onto the logic board, and it booted the machine from the keyboard. Also, all keys work fine.

I consider this just a temporary fix, but it could be a permanent one.. its only been working for about 30 minutes, and i'll likely forget about this post by the time i realize its a permanent one..

Will be covering that exposed connector with electrical tape when i pput it back together, so this doesnt happen again..

Thanks again!

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That's a good exemple of how you can save money when using your skills to repair your computer. Great post tkais +1


As a camera repairman. 1976-1986, I've used liquid silver and gold print to repair hair thin wires and spring of light meter galvometers

Tiniest 00 camel hair brush further thinned out to a pint.

Same worked on flex circuit boards and solid printed circuits

WORKS 9 out of 10 times..


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If at first you dont succeed, go back to what started it all.

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I had a similar problem with my 12" PowerBook g4.

The cause: I kicked the computer's nightstand out from under it (cursewords!) and it fell about two feet landing it exactly on its right side.

The result: I got the "turn me off immediately!!!" screen. Subsequent reboot led to the fan coming on, the start up chime no no hard drive noises and a completely black screen.

The solution: I foolishly took the machine to the apple store's genius bar, where I was told it was at least a faulty hard drive and possibly display or logic board problems. Thinking this fix to be over my head, I paid 'em $300 (more cursewords!) to send the guy off to a mysterious place they called The Depot. Four days later, my PowerBook arrives in the mail, working wonderfully, with a note that says they simply RESEATED THE AIRPORT CARD! $300 for something I could have done with a quarter! They replaced no parts and reinstalled the OS. *sigh*

This fix makes no sense to me. Anybody know why an unseated or partly seated airport card would keep the display from coming on or the hard drive from firing up?

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They were spoofing you..

Who knows what was really replaced.

Maybe nothing...

They never give a parts list bill of sale.

Like bad auto mechanics

Use INDEPENDENT repair shops!

They are BETTER!


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Mid-2007 A1181:

I broke the little flat lead from the IR sensor and Sleep light to the SATA connector block

Buy swapping HDDs without the rubber guide rails to protected said flat lead...

NO POST! Nothing.

Battery charges only

And these parts are bonded / glued / molded into the bottom case..

No one has them on eBay.

So I bought another bottom case cheap on eBay.

$6 with postage!

No mint but not bad...

Flat lead and related parts look good...

( One CAN plug in the flat lead upside down, but it's path way is then un-natural)

No Joy! No change..

Resetting SMC and other quick fixes... ZIP!

I'm thinking the keyboard start button is bad or it's flat lead is...

I'm a retired Camera repairman

Worked as a volunteer recycling Macs 2000 -2008....

Have had Macs from the SE-30 in 1999, on to my 2009 Mac Mini...

Given to me by the program... late 2011....

Have worked on Laptops from my 1999 PowerBook G3/400 Lombard

Also given to me by that program in 2008..

Had to replace the power board and keyboard in 2014....

HP TX2000 GPU drama queen.... you do not want to know...

Several IBM ThinkPads from 2004 to 2009 (Linux)

Stripped to the bare cases when needed...

Work great....

Have a Late 2008 MacBook AL with NO SCREEN

Use it with a 19" Acer Monitor...

Rather like a 21st Century Timex Sinclair 1000


IT'S LCD / Flat lead woes are depressing...

Parts sellers on eBay can send you the wrong parts

NOT what the have pictured.

So Apple INC calls me a TAMPERER!

Think iPhone Code 53 Bricking of a year back.

Security screws

Epoxy screen layers.

IBM is SO much better to work on..

I hope my experience helps...

I'm stumped with the White Book...


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Hi My Mini Mac (late2014) I really don't understand why my tv with HDMI and when I turn on Mini Mac and run is good but several half hr my tv is black screen and then I take out power, IDMI usb and internet so I take Mini Mac put in Refrigerator 10 -15 min then come plug all in, the screen is work later on 30 -40 again again black screen. Where is point is that Motherboard or heat can you tell me where is point

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I diagnose a cold solder joint.

Take it to a good INDEPENDENT repair shop

NOT The genius's at The Apple Store

They are only one page ahead of your...


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Are the way to go!

Out of warrantee Macs


Or what have you.

I was one

1976 -2012...

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