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After upgrade Processor and HD fan run louder


I have a problem, after i upgrade the cpu to a intel 7200 and a hard drive of 500 GB the fan of my mac mini run so fast and loud. what is the problem? Thanks

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You'll need to get some diagnostic data here to figure that out.

I would get a good temp & fan monitoring app to see what it tells you. I like Temperature Gauge Pro but others will work as well here.

Install it and take a few screen shots on what it shows (Just after you start and after a while) and post them here (click on the blue square edit ribbon icon to post).

You could also run Apple Hardware Test follow this Apple TN on how AHT to see if any error pop. give us the full error message if you do get one.

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Thanks for your reply but i am stuck with osx 10.6.8 and Temperature Gauge Pro is not compatible with this version of osx.

I try follow the instruction to run a apple hardware test with no success, i dont know how to do the AHT test with this verison of osx.

My mac mini is late 2006 and i upgrade the processor end HD to upgrade the osx to Lion, but only with a hd clone of a runing osx lion i can do this. If some one can help with that to i appreciate. Thanks


Sorry - Go to the App Store and download the older one there. Other temp/fan monitoring tools will also work. Did you try AHT to see if an error popped? Give us what you can.


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Sounds like you forgot to connect the 2pin connector on the front next to the battery when you lower the drive tray down. That always causes the fan to run loud. I forget to reconnect it all the time (upgraded 15+ minis already).

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