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Repair guides and support for top and front loading Whirlpool brand washers.

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Won't agitate or spin?

This is only a couple of years old LHW0050pq front load compact machine. No heavy use-only one or two loads per week. There is no agitation or spinning but it does go through the cycles. I can hear the door lock click. The drain pump is working. When I first turn the machine on the pump comes on and pumps out water but it sounds like it is timing out (?) because I can hear the pump working for a long time. Then the machine fills with water and just sits there until the next step in the cycle (rinse). Again there is no agitation, but when it comes to the spin cycle it drains and then just sits forever on the spin. The lights never indicate that the cycle is complete. I have to turn off the machine and wait the 2 minutes to be able to open the door. I've tried unplugging the machine, etc.

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Brenda, does the agitator turn at any time?


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No, not at all

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I am having the same problem, does anyone have a solution.

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