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Updated version of the original iPad 2, released in March of 2012 with a smaller die processor and updated internal construction. Repair will require the use of heat and careful prying.

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white transperance screen after milk interaction


Soms weeks ago i spilled soms milk on my ipad. When i truned it on (not smart, i Know) i got a white screen but i could still zee the icon.

After putting it in rise for a week and putting it in a bag with silicia i still tot no step futher.

What can I do next? Does putting in a new screen fix the probleem for good? Or is there a beter option?

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Sounds like you got milk in-between the cover glass and the display. You could try taking your iPad apart and clean the glass surfaces on the inside. If that doesn't solve the problem then its time for a new display unit.

WARNING: iPad repairs are not easy! And you do need to correct tools.

Review the IFIXIT guide a few times before trying. Take your time and don't force things!

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Thanks for your reaction. It doen't look like that, there's a real full white film over the screen with no air holes.

I just turned it on for a while and the corners are getting good again, I don't how this can happen but this does give me hope that it's fixable without opening the ipad.

Sorry for my englisch, I'm not native englisch.


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