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Repair and disassembly guides for Apple Time Capsule wireless network devices.

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Power Surge Fried My Unit - How can I fix it?

Power surge apparently fried everything. Doesn't work when I plug it in. Is this something I can take apart and repair (like a fuse) or am I majorly buried here?

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In my case it knocked out a fuse ( yes a fuse, not a circuit breaker) , fried the surge protector, burned out the Apple charger and burned a hole in the cord to my iPad. Am I as screwed as I think I am.

(. ). Yes

(. ) !&&* yes.


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I did a quick search of the interweb and found these articles that may assist you.





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excellent teardown +


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Normally, I'd say its fried, but since its ifixit, if you feel adventurous, you could go in and test all the parts of the motherboard, find out whats burnt out, and replace that bit. Otherwise, its a goner. I recommend putting all network adapters/modems/routers/etc. be connected to a UPS (Even if theres a blackout, the internet lines still work) (Uninterruptible Power Supply, AKA a battery backup). The UPSs I use are from APC.

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Thank You~ So how do I figure out how to get inside? I was hoping for a diagram but found nothing. I live in Africa and HAD a voltage regulator but didn't have it connected. DUH. Is there somewhere I can learn how to test the parts of the motherboard?


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