Getting Error 29 on itunes

I have a Iphone 4s with a error 29 problem.


The phone was dropped so i replaced the screen.

Worked after that very fine.

After some time i also changed the battery because it drained very fast. After replacement it worked also fine.

I used the phone like 5 weeks or something nothing strange behavior of the phone.

The problem occurred when i wanted to recover my iphone.

I know it's a battery issue but i have replaced the battery like 5 times. Each was different type number battery.

Also tried another:

Dock Connector

Another LCD screen

Restoring in Windows with latest itunes

Restoring in Mac osx with latest itunes

DFU mode

Also putted the logicboard in a working iphone 4s frame + original battery, dock, screen with no luck

Itunes pop ups with the error 29 no other error shown.

Is it a fault of a resistor of cap on the logicboard ?

Hope you guys can help me out.

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